Saturday, November 2, 2013

What Are The Three Things A Female Vocalist Should Keep In Mind While Performing?

A female vocalist has a lot of things to keep in mind while performing besides singing. Whether it be live on stage or through music videos, a singer must always keep in mind that there are people watching and she must give her all out performance to them. While performing, it is important for a vocalist to be confident in who she is as a singer, as well as keeping in mind the techniques and style she has learned. There are a lot of female vocalists out there and only a few really stand out. How they perform plays a great part why people love them so it is important to keep a few things in mind while doing so.
Knowing how to breathe properly is an important part of singing and can be a factor in predicting if a performance can go well. While singing, a female vocalist must take deep breaths in between lines so she can pronounce her lyrics properly. It is important that the audience understands her words so she must take proper breathing seriously. For her body to get used to this, she must practice correct breathing before she performs on stage. She must incorporate correct breathing practices in her voice lessons. A singer must breathe in her belly and through her chest. This gives her a deeper and greater amount of air. In turn, breathing deeply gives a singer an ample amount of control over her voice. Putting her hands over her belly will help determine if she is breathing in the right way. The belly will expand if she is breathing correctly.

Another factor for a female vocalist to consider while performing is proper posture.A singer must make sure that she knows and has a right singing posture while performing. She must make this a habit by practicing proper posture even off stage or in her everyday life. Having proper posture will help in her singing by eliminating strains on her back as well as in her voice. This will help her especially on long performances on stage. Standing upright is more recommended by singing coaches rather than singing while sitting. It is believed that standing upright provides better sound quality and strength. Sitting, on the other hand, can give extra strain on the vocal chords because of the way sitting will force a singer to breathe from the chest. A singer will also tend to slouch if she sings while sitting and it is not a good habit while performing.
An important thing that a female vocalist must keep in mind is that she must always connect with the lyrics she is singing. Feeling and believing the words she is belting out gives emotions to her performance. This makes her audience feel a connection with her. Showing her emotions through her face is also a good thing to keep in mind while singing. A sad song corresponds to a sad and mellow face; a happy song must be performed in an energetic and upbeat way. A singer must always be confident.There are singers who are very confident even if they are young, and they garner fans who totally love them.
To realize your dream of becoming a famous female vocalist, there are lots of things that you must keep in mind. Trust in yourself and keep in mind that there are people who believe in you, that is why you are up there performing. Keep presence of mind and remember the things that your vocal coach has taught you about techniques. Don't be afraid to perform and to sing with your own style because in the end, people will love you for your uniqueness. Always have confidence in yourself. Always give an outstanding. A female vocalist always performs as if it is her last performance on stage.

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