Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Write and Record a Pop Hit

A lot of people think that it's very hard to compose and record a hit song. In this article I'll give you just a few tips anyone can follow to write a hit song which appeals to a large audience and has a fantastic commercial potential.
1. Make up a catchy tune. The easiest way to do it is to listen to a few popular songs and copy the chord progression. Change the melody and rhythm to your liking, but make sure it is simple and has a lot of repetition.
2. Your song needs to have a disco rhythm. To do this, you can use a program like Fruity Loops with the Ezdrummer plugin. In the Ezdrummer plugin, select the drum pattern to which people can actually dance. Disco usually employs a semi-quaver hi-hat pattern with an open hi-hat on the off-beat.
3. Once your drum beat is ready, load it to ProTools or similar program.
4. Grab your electric guitar and record it over the drum track using an M-Audio Fast Track interface or similar.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lyricist for Hire - Writing Songs

A lyricist for hire writes lyrics for musicians. With a lyricist for hire, you can have him or her write your lyrics based on your particular instructions, personality, and ideas. Regardless of what genre of music you prefer, there are song lyric writers who can help. For instance, there are lyricists who specialize in writing rock, country, rap, hip hop, love songs, pop, and more. A good lyricist for hire is one who is specializes in a certain genre of music.
A lyricist for hire who writes country lyrics, for example, must be a professional songwriter who is also very well informed of the country you want him or her to write about. He or she should not be just any other lyricist for hire. This is for the reason that, if you decide to go for just any other lyricist, your project may not be as successful, because you will not be in a position to come up with exactly what you and your fans want. In other words, When hiring a lyricist, take into consideration the needs and tastes of your fans.
Learning from the Pros:
• Start from the beginning: One should always start by determining what works best for them; if they want to thrive in writing songs. They should try to make lyrics about anything, even if they aren't going to be used.
• Working out the structures: Most structures can be easily recognized: for example, an intro, a verse with a chorus, a bridge, another verse and a chorus, and so on.
Learning the Art:
Writing songs requires that one:
• Be practical. They should stop thinking and actually start writing songs while they perfect their skill.
• Listens to different types of music. This enables the writer to gain some useful information from different writers and blend in his or her piece.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Audio Books Help the Theme of the Book Be Understood Easier

In the past, stories were transmitted orally. Writing was meant to document government and history by officials, while everyday people listened to the community's greatest storyteller weave tales of wonder that ultimately taught a moral lesson. Today, technology allows audio libraries about Islam to bring that past culture back to life.
Now there are whole programs and websites that host audio for either rental or complete sale. The audio folio business is now reaching toward a billion dollar revenue business. Audio books are also affordable. They are half the price of hard cover books yet are as portable and can be enjoyed over and over.
Books take readers on an adventure to a different world, whether it is set in the past or in a regular character's point of view. Audio books allow readers to transcend further into the world with a great narrator that really brings the story alive.
Audio folio makers understand the narrator is vital into making an audio folio successful. This is especially true when the book subject is out of scope for some listeners, such as a person who knows English as a second language listening to a book about the Civil War. A narrator who embodies that theme and style will allow listeners to grasp the concept easier.
Reading and listening are different activities. Audio books are akin to watching a film without visuals. Listening to a book by a foreign author read by a voice actor with the author's culture and shared understanding will help people of a different nationality understand the meaning better. It can also be a method to help people learn a second language easier.