Friday, November 29, 2013

Loonie - Eminem of PH

Let me tell you a cool story of an individual from a humble country of Philippines who started out through a simple inspiration. Recently, he has been known as one of the most successful rapper and rap battle king in his country. One of his remarkable battles is when he met with a rap battle god like named dizaster from L.A. who just came to PH. to battle with him.
To other countries he might look like weak and full of himself, but to Filipinos he is a legendary figure of a rap battle king and an inspiration. He has never been defeated in 1 vs. 1.

While many aspire to become like him, many also aspire to overcome and overthrow him in his throne. Yes, he is that popular and recognized as a rapper. Many of his colleagues thought of rap battle as a hobby, for loonie, it's worth a life.
He started liking and writing rap music when he was just an elementary student. In his high school he started rapping in front of many student audiences, and by doing this outside his school he had been discovered by a legendary figure and the most successful Filipino rapper Francis Magalona. He then started out as hype man of his. At first he thought this was just a frank but when he met the real person in a noon time show called eat bulaga, if someone could define it, it would be like a diamond has been discovered and covered with dust, someone tried to polish it slowly and started shining the brightest.
His song had become hits due to his compositions about real life events like Eminem. Like Eminem, he is also a humble fellow and thought of life as full of thorns and diversities. He had experienced hardships like most of the citizens around the world but poverty made him great, and by knowing poverty he created great songs that one can only dreamed of. He is a Filipino and he made Filipinos being proud. To them, he is the one and only rap battle king - his name is Loonie.
A simple inspiration that leads a fulfilling dream, it's all there is to it. He is a man hardened from the slugfest underground rap battle. A champion among champions - he is truly worth of respect. To him he was inspired by his idols, but to many he is that man they called idol, a humble in origin and a man born to be a great rapper.

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