Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hiring a Piano

There can be many reasons for hiring a piano. For many professional pianists the logistics involved in moving such a large scale object to a venue can often be too difficult to even consider, so you'll find that many musicians who aren't comfortable playing with 'house' instruments will often hire out a piano similar to theirs, saving themselves a heap of hassle hiring out a van, and driving their instrument down by themselves. Another quite valid reason for hiring, if not the most useful function of a hire service is the ability to try your hands on a variety of different pianos, so that when you do come to buy yours, it really is the piano you want. Not because of how it looks, but because of how well it fits you.
Whatever your reason for hiring may be, there are many factors to be taken into account so that you can find the right vendor for both your location and choice in piano. The task of hiring can at first seem quite daunting but throughout this article I will list the main points that have to be looked at so that you can find the right service for your needs.
Vendor location
First and foremost you will need to look for a hiring company close to your chosen venue, ideally this will be within roughly 50 miles of your location. Some hirers may go further but in general most will cut off their service after this distance as it can prove to be quite troublesome for both parties, especially when time constraints are to be adhered to. By hiring in the relative locality of your venue or home, you will save a great deal of time tackling the logistical portion of the hiring service, aside from this, close proximity to the vendor can be very handy if ever there happens to be any problems with the piano, allowing for easy replacement of the product if needs be. So keep it local if possible, as it will likely prove necessary to proper service.
Vendor stock
Now the list of potential hirers will decrease as you attempt to find a piano suitable for the pianist of choice, as most will have a particular preference in mind. Its best in a hiring scenario to go for the best quality piano you can afford as this will likely please most potential players throughout the hiring period.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Use Propellerhead Reason Over FL Studio? (Software Review)

Propellerhead Reason Versus Fruity Loops (FL Studio) - They are both unique software's with its different yet similar features and they are more common in hip hop production. But, why chose Reason over FL Studio?
When I first started creating beats in late 2010, I was introduced to FL Studio 9 by watching beat-making videos on YouTube. Using Fruity Loops, I developed a huge interest in beat making but after 6 months the software itself did not satisfy me and I found it rather dull and unprofessional. I was so eager to try Reason 5 but it was so advanced and hard to understand at the time.
After awhile, I managed to get used to Reason 5 and I learned a lot of the basics of how it functioned and how to successfully produce a beat using it. To this day (August 2013), Reason remains a primary software and I am loving every bit of it.
5 Points why Reason is a more unique software?
  • The general mood of Reason is bright. FL Studio's grey layout is too depressing for music production. FL is also way to messy when activating plug-in's - there is way too much floating.
  • Reason functions like actual hardware making it more advanced which helps to educate the user in that area as well as the software itself.
  • FL is too commonly used. Yes, FL Studio is used more commonly when making beats which I can't 100% understand but I suppose producers just try to be "trendy" in some cases.
  • It is a challenging software. I like a software that challenges my thinking and Reason does that. It is much more technical than FL and it offers a wider amount of functions.
  • Mixing and Mastering in Reason is user-friendly. You can easily create mastering suites for your end product and using combinators, the user can easily organise the devices that are being used for a particular track.
In conclusion, Reason is such a great software which I really recommend you take a shot at. It is so unique and advanced so it needs be encouraged for all upcoming producers and even long time Fruity Loops users. Most producers don't use it because they took one look at it, found it complicated and then ran away. I did the same but I am glad I gave it a chance as it is now used as my primary software!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Islamic Audio Books Teach Children Traditions and Morals

In the past, stories were transmitted orally. Writing was meant to document government and history by officials, while everyday people listened to the community's greatest storyteller weave tales of wonder that ultimately taught a moral lesson. Today, technology allows audio books about Islam to bring that past culture back to life.
Books take readers on an adventure to a different world, whether it is set in the past or in a regular character's point of view. Audio books allow readers to transcend further into the world with a great narrator that really brings the story alive.
Children love hearing stories, making audio books with Islamic stories and themes a perfect fit for families. They can learn about their religion and culture in a medium that is exciting to experience. Audio books will allow children to understand Islamic stories and appreciate them more.
Studies show that children learn to read better if they hear the story while following along in a hard copy of the book. Listening to Islamic stories is a great way to learn the stories, improve a child's reading, and spend time together reliving religion.
Traditionally, audio books are used by teachers who need to teach second-language learners, learning disabled or learning impaired students, and struggling or nonreaders. Students with these learning issues learn to enjoy books when they get to listen to them and they can gain access to literature.
Teachers believe audio books should be avoided because they theorize it is a form of cheating. In reality, it injects excitement and life into stories. Listening to a tale transports children into the world of the story, making them more invested. Audio learning is a very valid form of learning, and kids will still gain literacy skills, especially if following in a printed book.
Children are introduced to new vocabulary and are being taught how to pronounce difficult words or names through audio books. The read aloud model creates a bridge to important topics of discussion between parents and children about Islam. They can be listened to as a family, either at home or in the car.