Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good Music Is a Pleasure for All Time

Much of today's music hurts my ears and turns me right off. It seems to make no sense to someone like me who grew up with the masters who reigned during the middle of last century. That, of course, puts me into a certain age bracket and allows for my sensitive ears to be out of tune with what people today enjoy. Allowing for that there is still the case to expect that any music if it is good enough will always be a pleasure to enjoy.

Who won't stop in their tracks when the vocal cords of some great singer strikes a particular cord and resonates to send thrills up and down the spine? You will know who they are as they have lived long after they stopped performing and, in many cases, long after their death. People like Vera Lynne, Nat King Cole, Barbara Streisand, Mario Lanza and who can forget the unforgettable talents of Kathryn Grayson, Julie Andrews and the like.
Vera Lynn sang to a wartime Britain that was suffering the purge of the Nazi's. Her voice cheered them up, had them dancing away their troubles, and promised them things like blue birds returning to the white cliffs of Dover. Nat King Cole was an artist that may never have an equal. His smooth golden voice would cause you to sit down and take it easy for a few minutes while he told you a beautiful story in a tune that became unforgettable. Tunes like Autumn Leaves live on.
Barbara Streisand has a voice among millions that thrills you to the bone and she is a wonderful character to go with it. When she sings Memories people live through it with her. Mario Lanza, who unfortunately died far too young, had the ability to send his voice crashing into anyone's heart with a feeling of love that caught them forever. Songs like When You are in Love still raises the hairs on your neck or arms.
These were artists of a nature that always makes it worthwhile to put on a disc or an old LP record and sit back and enjoy. Today's artists just don't do the same for me.

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