Friday, November 1, 2013

How Can A Female Vocalist Take Care Of Her Voice

Are you a female vocalist? Then most definitely you would want to take good care of your instrument - your voice. You must always keep in mind that to take care of your voice, you must first know how to take care of your body. It is important to avoid any situation or activities that will expose your body to any stress, fatigue or injury. You must also know what foods are good for you and which ones you must avoid. For you to be able to perform in your optimum level, always remember to eat well, rest at proper times and vocalize in the right way. Healthy habits are a crucial aspect in the maintenance of your voice and the quality of your performance.
A female vocalist should always keep herself hydrated. This is one of the basic but important things a singer should know and do. One of the most important parts of the body of a singer is her vocal folds. We produce sound through the vibration of our vocal folds. These vocal folds should always be lubricated in order for it to vibrate efficiently. Drinking lots of water will help lubricate these vocal folds. Experts recommend drinking at least two quarts of water daily to stay hydrated. At the same time, alcohol and caffeine should be avoided as these can cause dehydration. As much as possible, refuse from drinking beverages such as sodas, coffee and tea as these are sources of caffeine. In cases where these drinks cannot be avoided, drink plenty of water to replace fluids lost.

Before any singing performance, a female vocalist must first do a series of vocal warm ups. It applies the same principles as stretching before a physical exercise. A singer must also do a series of vocal stretches before belting out. This will help prevent trauma on her vocal apparatus and prevent further damage. One best way for a female vocalist to warm up is to trill her lips and tongue. Do this like you are rolling your "r's" in climbing and descending pitches. This exercise helps to loosen the tongue and lips, as well as the jaw and throat. It also makes the vocal folds vibrate only at their edges. This warm up is easier to do for most singers.
Another important habit that a female vocalist must develop is to get enough sleep at a regular time. Insufficient rest is not good for singers as it will drain them of energy needed to perform. It is also an irritant to singers and its effect will show in her voice. Lack of sleep results in voice fatigue, lost of voice control and poor tone. That is why some singers who are overly stressed shows signs of raspiness in their voice and diminished range. Being overly tired can make a singer loose her concentration while performing and this could lead to strains and injury.
A female vocalist must also be wary of her diet and she must eat an intelligent choice of food. She must avoid food that may trigger irritation in her vocal folds. She must also be wary that her diet does not contain food that may cause gastric reflux such as greasy foods and spicy dishes. She must also eat on time to avoid hyper acidity. Gastric reflux and hyper acidity can cause the acids in the stomach to rise in the esophagus, which can in turn irritate the vocal folds. Meal time should also be scheduled at the right time. As much as possible, she must not eat at least two hours before a performance. A female vocalist must however, make sure she is well hydrated in between meals.

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