Friday, November 8, 2013

4 Steps to Making Your Next Single a Hit

Are you looking to make your next single a huge hit?
Alas, hit singles aren't an exact science. There are some crucial factors to apply and bear in mind, but without substantial dedication and tenacity, even the very best assistance likely won't get you very far.
When you go to work on your next masterpiece, aim for excellence instead of perfection. There are many imperfect songs which have gone on to be hits anyway.
With that in mind, here are four suggestions for generating your next single.

1. Write an Awesome Song
An awesome song is virtually impossible to quantify; having said that, if you're going for a hit, you need to set forth your best effort. In every single regard, from production to arrangement to musicianship to lyrics, you need to construct a solid package that reflects your strongest efforts.
In case you aren't positive concerning the music you are generating, contemplate acquiring suggestions and advice from other individuals. When you come across some particularly constructive and prudent advice, make use of it.
Additionally, enlisting an educated producer can help you recognize strengths and weaknesses in your arrangements.
2. Develop a Theme
Take into consideration many of the timeless songs that continue to resonate with folks after their release and mull over the following questions:
What elements do they share in common?
Why do they connect so effectively with the masses?
What makes them so compelling?
Themes hold your songs together. The critical part is that individuals can relate to the message you are sharing. You'll want to give significant focus to how the song speaks to others.
3. Create Original and Genuine Music
Just how much worth is there in looking to be like someone else? In the event you attempt to write music that you assume other folks will like, it's going to either come out sounding dated or forced. In the off chance that it does create a hit, it isn't likely to become as well known because of the formula or template it had been based upon.
Not surprisingly, you might have your own personal likes and dislikes in regards to music. You in all probability sound like some of your favorite heroes and influencers at times. That is perfectly okay. Even so, you might have to think about just how much you would delight in writing music that may not be an accurate representation of oneself, and after that being forced to play it countless times on tour.
4. Enjoy the Process
Ultimately, it will be obvious whether you're enjoying yourself and your music or not. Individuals will know if you are pushing for an outcome. Financial reward is surely motivating and thrilling, but it appears to come when you are at peace with who you might be and what you happen to be making; not when you're annoyed and disillusioned.
Being a career musician, it's easy to forget the purpose behind your music. The reason you play music now is because you took great joy in it when you were getting started. Return to your roots and start enjoying music for what it can be once more.
There isn't a set formula for writing a hit song. More than likely, you will need to continue to iterate and experiment so as to create a song that resonates with the greatest number of people.
Begin to consider how you are going to make a loyal and engaged following, because your followers are the best carriers of your message. They are going to be the ones to spread your music and deliver other likeminded people to the fore.

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