Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Using a DJ Vs Live Musicians

You want to throw a party or an event and need your guests to be entertained with music? Now you are at a crossroad, whether to hire a live band or a DJ for your event, or should you use both? Not to worry, this article will enlighten you on the pros and cons of a live band as well as a DJ and hopefully at the end you will be able to make an informed choice.
Music or entertainment can break or make an event. It is the heart and soul that creates the excitement and sets the mood leaving your guests happy or angry at your poor taste. The type of entertainment you settle for should suit the theme, your taste, budget, space and guest demographics. Have an open mind and consider all the options.

Variety of music - If you need a variety of music collection for your event, then a DJ would be the best option. A DJ can pick more variety than a band could possibly perform. Music is produced on a high quality professional sound system and could feature original recording artists mostly. A DJ could also be an entertainer in addition to playing the music. Live bands can be limited in variety as they must have rehearsed and perfected their live performances.
Live bands may be limited in variety of music but they offer great quality entertainment. Big bands have better equipment and perform better. They also provide a more spontaneous musical environment. They are more entertaining as they showcase real talent. Unlike a DJ who mostly relies on recording and mixing equipment, a live band provides a more real entertainment, length of performance, day of the weak and season. Live music is more exciting and forms an infectious and interactive interlude with the guests
Budget - Generally in terms of cost, D.J is way much cheaper than a live band. Costs vary depending on equipment requests and whether it is a low or peak season for them. A live band will be expensive and is more involving in terms of equipment and personnel. Band prices also vary by the number of musicians, celebrity bands tend to be more expensive than the normal bands. Te quality of sound system and equipment is very important when considering the kind of entertainment to hire. You would rather spend a little more for a high quality system. Ensure that you conduct a proper testing and research before making up your mind
Space - A live band occupies a larger space than a DJ. Some live bands have as many as 12 people on the band depending on the instruments and the kind of performances they undertake. They could have a number of dancers as well. The size of equipment is also an aspect to consider when looking at space.
Both of them can concentrate of the music selection that you brief them. Ensure that you ask for referrals from people who have experienced them. Consider asking for a test performance or event attending to events they perform prior to yours to have a feel of their delivery. Insist that they show up early for set up to avoid disappointment.
Conduct your research thoroughly to settle for performers that you believe will deliver value and give your guests a great musical experience.

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