Saturday, November 16, 2013

5 Influential Guitarists in Classical Music

Classical music may not be the most popular genre in the entertainment industry right now but every serious guitar enthusiast knows that this is definitely worth listening to.
Those doing their best to master the instrument will surely agree that classical guitar can really be interesting. You will be amazed by the technical expertise of these guitarists particularly because they use no guitar effects, distortion, or even amplifier. Simply put, this is masterful guitar playing in its purest form!
If you want to begin listening to this type of music, here's a short list of the most influential classical guitarists you should check out.

Andres Segovia
Born in 1893, Andres Segovia started really early in developing a keen interest in the guitar. At the tender age of 15, Andres had his first concert and eventually sold a lot of his records. He also spent a lot of time on tour to share his music with other listeners.
Additionally, he was influential in helping the guitar get proper recognition as a classical instrument. Before his time, it was generally considered as a folk instrument. His unique playing style definitely contributed in the wider acceptance of classical guitar.
Julian Bream
Another revolutionary musician, Julian Bream caught the attention of the masses with his jazz-inspired music. Like Segovia, Bream started playing musical instruments as a youngster and eventually received popularity because of his proficiency. He was a multi-instrumentalist who played other stringed instruments ranging from the vihuela, to the lute, to the baroque guitar. He is also credited as one of the earliest guitarists to use nylon strings.
John Williams
A former student of Segovia, John Williams rose to fame as an acclaimed guitarist himself for his technical mastery of the instrument. Unlike his peers, Williams was a flexible musician who comfortably went beyond his comfort zone collaborating with other artists such as The Who's Pete Townsend.
Christopher Parkening
American guitarist Christopher Parkening was the first one to gain recognition from the country. He was considered by Segovia as "one of the best guitarists" in the genre. He began his career as a recording artist by the age of 18. He also went on world tours to promote his albums.
David Russell
The youngest in the list, David Russell is a genius when it comes to classical guitar. During the peak of his career, he was a prolific musician who produced one album almost every year. His skills are most notable in his sound which is often described as distinctly warmer and rougher.

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