Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feel The Drum Beats

Create drum beats with a drum machine. Many of the software programs contain programmable beats. This helps to make your creative life fast and easy, especially to be performing and earning money in a very short period of time. There is an opportunity create your own beats and to edit. Let your creativity come alive by feeling the drum beats and recording music for others to enjoy.
Interview drummers
You are really getting serious about your music and you want more. One of the basic things to do is to understand drum beats. I would recommend that you take the time to listen to live drummers. Talk to them and learn about the rhythms and styles which they prefer or enjoy playing and why.
Knowing how drummers think and the why behind their thoughts will help you to create new sounds to add to your beat software. Of the drummers which I have spoken to and participated with they do say to listen, allowing the song to become very familiar. Hum along or hear the music in your mind as you play your beats.
Know the song
Hear the song in your head as you are playing the music. Truly understand the song. You may wish to change the rhythm to add interest. It is alright to do this, but stay within the music. Do not change the main rhythm, but add to it to make it more interesting.
People enjoy the song as it is. If you alter the rhythm which takes away from the song, they will be upset. On the other hand if their song has not been altered and your additions made it better; great! The beats need to have an intimate conversation between your self and your audience.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

7 Ways That Learning a New Instrument Can Help You

You may have been thinking about learning how to play a new instrument, or you may have been thinking about enrolling your child in music lessons. For many people, they just do not understand how much learning a new instrument can help them or their child in the end. Here are just a few ways how learning a new instrument can help you.
You can learn how to express yourself. Music has always been a way for people to outlet emotions. Feelings of happiness, anger, and sadness are all common emotions that have been vented through music. Many people feel so much better after they have been able to play their instrument for a little while when they are feeling pent up with emotions and cannot express it adequately.
Expressing yourself through music is a safe way to let those negative emotions. Rather than having an outburst at someone you love, you will be able to pick up your instrument of choice and play it all out until you feel better. You will not have harmed anyone with your words, fists, or other actions that you cannot take back.
It may become a new hobby. Learning an instrument is a great way to pass the time. Numbers of people have started a hobby and then stopped it because they became bored or found something better to do. Playing an instrument that you love never gets boring or dull. Some people love their hobby so much that they decide to teach it to others or to join a band.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Practical Ways to Get Guitar Lessons

The guitar is just a piece of wood that looks so demure and innocent, yet it has the power to entertain and accompany you even when you are alone. If you know how to use it, this instrument can give you the capability to gather a multitude of people and make them sing, dance and shout like there's no tomorrow. This is just one of the many wonders of this "piece of wood." This is one of the many reasons why a lot of people dream to acquire the ability to play it well.
Learning to play the guitar is almost every young man or woman's dream. Many people have tried to learn it, but not all of them succeeded. Learning to play this instrument requires focus, time, patience, and perseverance. So how can one acquire guitar skills? Here are some suggestions about practical ways to learn to play the instrument:
1. Learn the basics
The easiest way to learn the basics is to get it from seasoned guitar players. Here, you will learn how to tune the guitar, familiarize yourself with strumming fundamentals, and do a few major chords. If you know someone whose level of expertise is between intermediate and advanced, he is well qualified to give you the lessons you need. If he's offering beginner to intermediate lessons, you may go ahead and enroll in his class.
2. Buy a guitar for yourself.
It's obvious. You're trying to learn to play the guitar. You must provide yourself with one to be able to practice on a consistent basis. As a beginner, you don't really need to buy an expensive one. A good quality acoustic guitar will do, even if it's a used one.