Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Most New Guitar Players Fail To Learn to Play The Guitar

There are many reasons why there is a failure rate with new players of the guitar. It could be hard to find a teacher or indeed a good one, but primarily it's because of an unsuitable instrument.
You really do not need to spend loads of money on a guitar. If it's an "I'm, not sure if I'll carry on with it", project I would recommend that you don't over invest your hard earned cash. Better to get started with a lower priced guitar and buy your upgrade instrument when you've made headway with your playing and you can then choose from a position of greater knowledge.

However you should ensure you do select a guitar that's sounds good and has good playability. This does not have to be expensive.
In the terminology of the TV reality shows I can reveal that the primary reason most people fail is quite simply (Long pause------------------------) that the guitar they've ended up with is too hard to play. There are some guitars on the market, some of which are not cheap that would induce cramp in the most accomplished player.
The playing actions are simply far too high. Now this can be rectified by a set up. But this costs money. Even then necks settle in and sometimes with temperature and humidity variations the neck angle changes sometimes resulting in actions that become no longer adjustable.
At this point enter our new design hero. The Eko Laredo series of acoustic guitars.
That great Italian company Eko have been making industry standard lower priced guitars since the late 1950's. Most guitarists from then until the present day will know about the Eko, specifically the Eko Ranger. They were built like a brick shed and sounded and played like an expensive instrument.
The Laredo is the logical design progression from those guitars. The number 1 reason is they sound really good----Number 2 the playability i.e. the action can be whatever you require with a simple turn of a key.
Eko have patented a neck angle adjustment system called the Fastlok. You simply turn the key from the left or to the right to achieve anything from a low electric guitar action to a high bottleneck slide guitar. The impact this has had on guitar design cannot be underestimated.
If you wish to start playing you owe it to yourself to take a look at this development and become one of the lucky few that end up with a lifetime of enjoyment from this the world's best most popular instrument.

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