Monday, December 23, 2013

A History of Music in Utah Valley and How to Get Involved

Musical Influences
The local music scene in Utah Valley thrives on several major cultural influences. The region derives most of its musical education and influence from its religious beginnings. As the area was settled by early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) seeking religious freedom, later generations are definitely influenced by the "Mormon" culture, doctrine and hymns. Often fundraising or benefit concerts highlight local LDS artists. The two cosmopolitan universities in the region give high priority to music programs. Students are from a variety of cultural backgrounds are from more than 120 countries and they have lent their own inspiration to the local music scene. Secular artists with their talent have given rise to contemporary Utah music. Artists from the region have also managed to become international stars and this has only served to make Utah very popular as a music festival destination.

Contemporary Utah Music Scene
Most contemporary bands are based in and around Provo and Salt Lake and bands like Kid Theodore, The Moth and The Flame, The Brobecks etc are very popular in the region. Local bands also play a unique but eclectic mix of indie, hip hop, jazz, country, goth and rock styles for patrons. The state has a flourishing local rock, folk, pop, heavy metal, A cappella, and indie culture and bands play in popular hotspots like the Velour Music Gallery, Kilby Courth, Muse Music Café etc. This also means that the area has a flourishing nightlife with café, restaurants and bistros providing vital meeting spots for new and emerging artists.
Keeping Track of Local Events
Tourists frequently visit the state for popular festivals like The Ogden Music Festival, The SLC Music Festival, Park City International Music Festival, the Autumn Classics Music Festival. The Utah Chamber of Commerce organizes several great festivals all through the year. You can keep track of the events by checking the Events Calendar at the Chamber of Commerce website. Often Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University put on free or affordable concerts.
Music Lessons
Go ahead and take advantage of all the talent and teachers in this area with lessons! Studies have shown that students who play an instrument perform better in other categories including math and science. You may want to look into the Utah School of Music and Dance or the Utah Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra.

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