Monday, December 9, 2013

Best Maroon 5 Songs

Maroon 5 burst onto the scene way back 11 years ago now (As of writing this) and have maintained a successful progress in the charts. Not too pop, not too rock, that fine line which ensures pretty much anyone can listen to, and anyone who likes the heavier side of the music scene, not feel too guilty about. As a fan who has followed them since the start, here is a list of what I think is the Best Maroon 5 songs.
1. One More Night
How can it be anything else? Opens up with a light air of guitar picking and then hits you in the face with the high vocal melody "You and I go hard at each other like we're going to war", which really sets the dynamics of the song throughout. It's strong in the verse, and gets more powerful in the chorus. It's straight talking, easy to listen to as it's only 3 chords and it resolves perfectly well. This is why it's number 1.

2. Sunday Morning
A perfect example of a song capturing a mood and setting an essence for the listener. Beautiful, relaxing and warm. With clever wordplay, perfect structure, perfect use of instruments, this is proof that the band is diverse not only in their sound, but their song writing too. You could easily think you're in a Sunday daydream listening to this. Anyone who's a fan of music, any genre, will like this song. Guaranteed.
3. This Love
The first song that threw them into stardom taken from the aptly titled Songs About Jane. Piano and drum intro, followed by a funky guitar riff, which run straight through into the verse and an almost dark vocal melody, with underlying lyrics. It's given a lift in the chorus though, as the vocal line comes to life with it's lyrics and trademark Adam Levine higher pitch lines. Fans knew from this day forward if the band continued with it's successes, that This Love would be a Best Maroon 5 song.
4. She Will Be Loved
Another light and airy song, the strongest point of the song it definitely the lyrics. "Beauty queen of only eighteen, She had some trouble with herself, He was always there to help her, She always belonged to someone else" Are just the first few lines, which you can bet anyone can listen and relate to. Chorus repeats this notion, finishing on "She Will Be Loved" 4 times over which really throws the message across.
5. Payphone
Payphone is a track that oozes sadness in it's lyrics, but makes pleasant noises with it's up beat "Pop-ness". The collab with Wiz Khalifa could've been a dangerous one, but it definitely has paid off and works well. That's the main reason I've included it in the Best Maroon 5 songs. They've tried something different, gone against what they normally do, and it's worked well commercially for them which not many bands could pull off.

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