Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feel The Drum Beats

Create drum beats with a drum machine. Many of the software programs contain programmable beats. This helps to make your creative life fast and easy, especially to be performing and earning money in a very short period of time. There is an opportunity create your own beats and to edit. Let your creativity come alive by feeling the drum beats and recording music for others to enjoy.
Interview drummers
You are really getting serious about your music and you want more. One of the basic things to do is to understand drum beats. I would recommend that you take the time to listen to live drummers. Talk to them and learn about the rhythms and styles which they prefer or enjoy playing and why.
Knowing how drummers think and the why behind their thoughts will help you to create new sounds to add to your beat software. Of the drummers which I have spoken to and participated with they do say to listen, allowing the song to become very familiar. Hum along or hear the music in your mind as you play your beats.
Know the song
Hear the song in your head as you are playing the music. Truly understand the song. You may wish to change the rhythm to add interest. It is alright to do this, but stay within the music. Do not change the main rhythm, but add to it to make it more interesting.
People enjoy the song as it is. If you alter the rhythm which takes away from the song, they will be upset. On the other hand if their song has not been altered and your additions made it better; great! The beats need to have an intimate conversation between your self and your audience.

While preparing the drum beats this advice would also apply to the instruments. If you put in too much, it is noise. Add instruments to help enhance the piece. The instruments need to make sense for the song. As you feel the drum beats also feel the instrument sounds.
Experiment all you want, but stay within the guidelines of the original music. Any and all changes which you add to the music should be complimentary. Listen, and use your ears. Have your heart and soul in sync with the creators of the piece. Editing is the tool which will add and delete that which you wish to keep or discard.
You can add accents, rhythm changes, cymbals, any instrument, and loop the bars as often as you wish. Do your best not to change the foundation; enhance it.
The beats
Get into the song; feel it. Your human feelings as well as the mind-set of your audience should be touched. All songs with their beats and lyrics touch the human soul. People should feel good with your audio creative sounds.
Perform for cash
Performing live and following your intuition and knowing the song will broadcast much human emotion for all to enjoy. Do a great job and you will be invited or referred to do another gig.

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