Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Songwriting Ideas

Sometimes people wonder where songwriting ideas come from. Songwriting ideas usually come in different forms altogether. The fact is that these ideas can come from anywhere. This article highlights some of these places:
• Writers can get ideas from the events in their own personal lives. One's experiences in life will enable them have first-hand feelings, without being told by someone else. People going through these experiences, whether good or bad, will always have something to write about. Such a song will even go to the extent of bearing the emotion, bringing it to life.
• Another songwriting idea is of love. This is usually one of the most frequently used topics. Many people have, at one point, experienced its joy and pain in equal parts; people expressing their feelings towards someone else or their frustrations and appreciation for the ones they love.
• Listening to songs by other artists can also be another source of songwriting ideas. By listening, one will be able to gain some ideas based on the topic that the other artist is using.
• In some cases, people are advised to just relax and wait for the ideas to come to them, as opposed to over-thinking in search of songwriting ideas. One could just sit with a musical instrument, playing randomly, and an idea may come.

• Many times, people write about some natural phenomena like death or life. Since blatant death is not a favorite among people, one might decide to use metaphors to represent this, like a dying tree. This way, the metaphor, as a songwriting idea, makes the lyrics even more interesting than using more obvious terms.
• When people want to raise their self-esteem, they may want to write songs. They would want to express how they have risen against the odds and other good things that they have been able to achieve in their life.
• Watching movies or TV shows sometimes provides songwriting ideas; characters may say or do something or even sing, inspiring the viewer to write.
• Freelance writing: Just writing while in the subconscious state allows for deep, intimate thoughts to be released. Through this, one can write a lyric without actually thinking about it.
• Interacting with other people and the environment: Lyricists get many of their songwriting ideas through personal experiences. For this reason, it is encouraged to go out and experience the world, observing and listening to others talk. This will most definitely open up the lyricist's deeper mind and expand his or her thoughts.

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