Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Use Propellerhead Reason Over FL Studio? (Software Review)

Propellerhead Reason Versus Fruity Loops (FL Studio) - They are both unique software's with its different yet similar features and they are more common in hip hop production. But, why chose Reason over FL Studio?
When I first started creating beats in late 2010, I was introduced to FL Studio 9 by watching beat-making videos on YouTube. Using Fruity Loops, I developed a huge interest in beat making but after 6 months the software itself did not satisfy me and I found it rather dull and unprofessional. I was so eager to try Reason 5 but it was so advanced and hard to understand at the time.
After awhile, I managed to get used to Reason 5 and I learned a lot of the basics of how it functioned and how to successfully produce a beat using it. To this day (August 2013), Reason remains a primary software and I am loving every bit of it.
5 Points why Reason is a more unique software?
  • The general mood of Reason is bright. FL Studio's grey layout is too depressing for music production. FL is also way to messy when activating plug-in's - there is way too much floating.
  • Reason functions like actual hardware making it more advanced which helps to educate the user in that area as well as the software itself.
  • FL is too commonly used. Yes, FL Studio is used more commonly when making beats which I can't 100% understand but I suppose producers just try to be "trendy" in some cases.
  • It is a challenging software. I like a software that challenges my thinking and Reason does that. It is much more technical than FL and it offers a wider amount of functions.
  • Mixing and Mastering in Reason is user-friendly. You can easily create mastering suites for your end product and using combinators, the user can easily organise the devices that are being used for a particular track.
In conclusion, Reason is such a great software which I really recommend you take a shot at. It is so unique and advanced so it needs be encouraged for all upcoming producers and even long time Fruity Loops users. Most producers don't use it because they took one look at it, found it complicated and then ran away. I did the same but I am glad I gave it a chance as it is now used as my primary software!

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